Spencer and Heidi: Make It Stop

Spencer and Heidi: Make It Stop

Last night Heidi’s ex-boss exiles the duo, a writer begs for relief.

After watching last night’s episode of “scripted reality” on The Hills, I read the always entertaining review on Pink is the New Blog and decided to take a moment to address what’s plaguing me now that the election is over and our country has elected change: Heidi needs to ditch Spencer.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s scripted but even if it is, let’s beg the writers for some relief where this is concerned. We got less Brody Jenner, maybe a campaign for Heidi to finally break free of Spencer is the next step to a douche-free America.

Anyone who watches the show knows that Heidi got fired from her sort-of job at SBE Productions, working for uber-nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse after doing shots with Spencer (who wasn’t really supposed to be there in the first place) and other friends and getting caught drunk on the job.  Last night, Spencer decides to celebrate having more time with his now unemployed girlfriend by taking her to an event where they ran into Bolthouse.  Spencer gets the bright idea to go talk to Bolthouse (who is now my favorite person), who tells him that he’s bad news and banishes him from ever showing up at any of his events or clubs ever again (which is pretty much any event worth going to in LA or Vegas).  Heidi goes up to Brent afterwards to beg for her job back and Brent basically gives her the same conversation that everyone has been giving her since her friends and family started realizing what a crazy douche Spencer is, saying that he can’t even think about giving her job back to her at this point and how disappointed he is that she’s still hanging out with a guy like him.

Again, I know that this is mostly scripted and that we’re building up for some kind of scripted ending but something needs to be said about this relationship: hello, red flags!  Folks, all your friends, your boss and your family can’t be wrong.  When you start losing friendships, jobs and family over someone you’re dating, you have to pay attention and evaluate what you’re really getting out of this relationship.  Spencer is someone who has admitted he likes being the villain, who caused a rift in her relationship with one of her closest friends, has exerted almost svengali-like influence over her, separating herself from her family and friends and now her job.  Yes, it’s most likely scripted but things like this happen all the time and some attention must be paid. One can only hope that we get some relief and she will finally get rid of him because not only do we need a break, but it’s painful to watch someone who appears to be somewhat intelligent continue to lose everything in her life over a guy.  For those of you who have dated or even married Mr. Wrong, you know what I mean.

A lesson to be learned here: all your friends, your boss, and your family can’t be wrong.  If you’re in a relationship and everyone pretty much hates who you’re dating, take stock.  It’s most likely time to write a new ending and move on.


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