Amy & Blake Back On?

Amy & Blake Back On?

Blake Fielder-Civil is out of jail, in rehab and wants Amy Winehouse back.

Amy Winehouse's dude, Blake Fielder-Civil, is finally out of jail and ready to tear some sh*t up. Or possibly fly right. We forget if the point of English jail is to rehabilitate blokes or just punish them. Whatever the case, old dude has already ruffled some feathers.

Per FemaleFirst, Blake told this broad named Sophie Schandorff that he was getting out of jail early (good behavior?) and was checking himself into rehab (WE REFUSE TO MAKE THAT JOKE). Evidently, he did not tell Amy Winehouse the good news until later. Word is that she wants the lout from Lincolnshire to pay his entire $45,000 rehab bill on his own (still not making the joke).

Unbeknownst to us, this is not the first time that dern Sophie Schandorf has gotten between Blizake and Amy Winehome. But BFC remains upbeat, expecting a visit from Amy Winehouse "any time now." Which is just what Celebitchy is talking about. Those dudes say that he's feeling good, feeling great about things and is ready to get back to his husbandly duties. That's all we'd need to look over the drugs, jails, skinny jeans and other broads. But her parents don't seem so convinced. They think seem to think old dude is a bad influence or some sort of conman. Not that we know the inner dynamics of the Winehouse clan, but we'd guess that Amy is probably not easily influenced by the opinions of her parents.

And furthermore, we can't help but get the feeling that someone is "'aving a laugh" regarding any preoccupation with Amy Winehouse. As far as we can tell she's largely famous for being a disaster and singing about it unrepentantly (no, we're not making that joke). We're pretty sure it's not even irony. It's sort of like a rapper singing about getting shot and later getting shot (possibly while leaving Hot 97). And we don't mean to diminish her talent. She has a keen voice, but is she really known for it or her songwriting? Or is she known for the tats, crack habit, fun make-up, beehive extensions and evident pride in her gangly body? It's as if someone was dared to come up with a classic new Halloween costume and were told to go with 'female' and 'Sid Vicious' as way of inspiration.

Hopefully, rehab (nope, not doing it) will work wonders for Blake Fielder-Civil and convince Amy Winehouse to square her act away. Unfortunately, a long, healthy life may sentence her legacy to obscurity (Janis Joplin and Achilles must have wrestled with this one too).

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