Angelina Jolie Is "Very Uncool"

Angelina Jolie Is "Very Uncool"

Jennifer Aniston May Have called Angelina "very uncool" in Vogue.

According to Jezebel, who is reporting on something that the Daily Mail heard Vogue was going to write about, Jennifer Aniston said, "What Angelina did was very uncool." Yeah, "daaaaaang," is what we said too. Where we come from calling someone "uncool" is pretty serious. It was tantamount to a slur regarding someone's natural hair color, virginity or that they were conceived as a result of a 2-night stand. So, we are taking these alleged allegations VERY seriously. ??What do we know about Angelina Jolie, you ask? Not much, outside of the obvious:

  • Attractive
  • Tattooed
  • Adopter of children from dozens if not hundreds of countries
  • Brad Pitt's babies' mama
  • Oscar winner
  • Gave one of her kids a Mohawk (hairstyle not a Native American)
  • May have nicked Jennifer Aniston's husband
  • Admired by Clint Eastwood

Outside of item 6, does any of that sound "uncool" or "very uncool"? Sure, Hillary Swank won 2 Oscars and seems like a dork, but that's not the point. And some nerd hipsters give their kids Mohawks (again, the haircut). And there are serious geeks out there who get tattoos (albeit their tats generally feature either George Lucas and/or Darth Vader). And we know a few hot ladies that are totally retarded for sci-fi and fantasy films. Aye, we seemed to have unproved our point.

Fine, maybe what Angelina Jolie did was "uncool" (if anything, she's seems to be sticking to her story about waiting until Brad Pitt was divorced before moving in), but isn't it about time to let bygones be forgones? We actually like Jennifer Aniston but the way to get over sh*t like this is not to keep bringing it up. The Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie business is mad high school-ish and we'd expect it from, say, Taylor Swift (whoever the f*ck that is). We don't expect it from someone whose entire image is based on grace, style and a marginally erotic neuroticism (possibly a marginally neurotic eroticism). Then again, no one really expected old girl to rebound with John Mayer. So maybe we don't know old Rachel Green like we thought we did. Then again, Jezebel via the Daily Mail could be way off base and/ or Jennifer Aniston is savvy enough to give her career a little kick start by stirring up some sh*t. Hey, it works for D-List celebs. Though if they don't quash this beef soon, someone may bet shot leaving Hot 97.

Thoughts? Do you buy into Jen having said this? Do you think it's a totally calculated move? Is Jennifer Aniston's analogue Blair Waldorf and Angelina Jolie is Serena van der Woodsen, if so is Brad Pitt like Nate Archibald (not that we watch that show)?

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