Rachel Kramer Bussel on Sarah Palin Erotica

sarah palin erotica
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A web site for Sarah Palin erotica? You betcha!

Friend-of-YourTango Rachel Kramer Bussel is on one of our favorite blogs, TheFrisky, giving an interview about.....drumroll, please!......Sarah Palin erotica.

We've already established some people think Palin is hot.  (Others are driven wild by her First Dude!)  An enterprising Bussel, an erotica writer and former sex columnist for The Village Voice, started the web site, Sarah Palin Erotica, to quench that polar bear-sized thirst.

Here's Bussel's response on why people are so hot for the Alaskan governor:

I think first it was because of her looks, but almost immediately her story, wild as it was, entranced people. Even those of us opposed to her politics couldn’t help but be captivated, and part of that captivation is her sexual allure. That doesn’t necessarily mean we all want to have sex with her (just to be clear, I don’t), but we want to know more about her, including what she’s like in bed. I read a UK reporter likening her to Princess Diana in terms of her appeal to the crowds. She’s brash, outspoken, gutsy. She’s a woman and a mother, in so many ways highly traditional, and yet totally not. I think she set off a lot of hot buttons around women’s roles in the home and workplace, as parents, and as sex objects.....

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