Afternoon News Feed: Mon, Nov 10

Afternoon News Feed: Mon, Nov 10

More Proposition 8 fighting, sex toy fever, new IVF screening, and adoption.

It's a brand new week but some things just haven't changed. San Francisco is not, as you can imagine, happy with the Proposition 8 results. They plan on taking this all the way to the State Supreme Court. Which is sort of where it all started. The Governator is involved now too, per

Some things don't sit well with the people at Babeland. Like how is it fair that people who voted last Tuesday got discounts on sex toys but some people couldn't use that discount because there's no store in their village, town, or municipality? So, they're extending their discount there to online purchases. So, if you wore your vibrator out celebrating the election, you can get 20% off of a new one.

But keeping those sex toys clean is a job in and of it self. Harsh chemicals might clean the surface but any residue might sting your sensitive bits a little. So Daily Bedpost has 10 easy steps to keeping your devices fresh and clean (maybe even minty).

What's the opposite of a sex toy? You know sometimes you want an anti-aphrodisiac, and Lemondrop has a few suggestions. Hot on the heels of a report that sexy TV makes teens crazy horny, Lemondrop recommends a few shows to get you out of the mood. And somehow Grey's Anatomy didn't make the cut. There is no kind of turn-off like a bunch of whiny, self-involved doctors.

While some of his brethren tries to downplay the carnal aspects of marriage, the Reverend Ed Young wants his married parishioners to do it more frequently. While the move seems a little gimmicky, the Dallas Morning News says that this is just Ed Young being Ed Young. You may remember the 30-day sex challenge that a Tampa-area pastor gave to his flock earlier this year.

He knows that sex can be for things other than procreation, right? Either way, according to the Guardian, there is a new screening that boosts the chance of conceiving via IVF by at least double. Essentially, they're able to more thoroughly test for defects that could prevent the embryo from 'taking' to the mother's womb.

And it's good to have options on the kid front because adopting is not easy. According to Jezebel, there is a glut of demand for the little orphans (600,000 women trying to adopt 129,000 little shavers) but a serious set of hurdles are in the way (only 8,000 kids caught adoption fever last year). C'mon, ya'll, give Liz Lemon a baby already.

You don't see many single men looking to adopt, do you? For some reason, single men must appear distrustful and their wanting to adopt seems like flying a kite at night or something. The Metro wonders if men just need to grow up, the primary 2 pieces of evidence: more adult men (than adult women) in the UK live with their parents and there are fewer weddings than ever before. Sounds good in theory.

Speaking of theory, we think Astrology sounds pretty good, in theory. The stars have to have some reason for existing, right? The Age says that stars were able to take a little break over the weekend as 90,000 couples in India were married without the consent of an astrologist. The holiday Dev Uthani Ekadasi is a great time for anyone to marry as it represents the day that Vishnu woke from a nap and married the goddess Tulsi.

Speaking of India, Indian news site TopNews tells us of a study about men and photos of sexy women. Had we not read the study we would have guessd that men like them (the images), but evidently the photos make men insecure. And we'd have thought pics of ab-ed up millionaire Rhodes Scholars would make us insecure.

And US News (And World Report) blogs that there could be some good news for the ladies following Barack Obama's victory. There is a possibility of 7 women's health items being improved. In addition to an overall increase of executive sexiness, obviously.