Recession-Friendly Honeymoons

Recession-Friendly Honeymoons
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Unexpected honeymoon destinations for a slow economy. Iceland, anyone?

Planning a honeymoon on a budget means you're probably willing to think outside the box. Here, we've gathered some information on locations that are easy on the wallet and also rather unexpected. included Canada, Iceland and South Korea on a list of the best places to travel in a recession. Heading to Canada would cut down on airline costs, and all three locations offer beautiful landscapes and memorable characeristics that a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean wouldn't. Plus, there's less risk of hurricanes.

If you're insistent on a romantic European getaway, check out Budget Travel's "Affordable Paris" blog series, which offers on-the-ground updates on cheap eats and lodging. finds weekly smart deals. This week offers 7 days in Greece for $1000, if a Mediterranean honeymoon's on your list.

Holding out for a future splurge after the economy picks up? In that case, the Telegraph reports that a Finnish airline is predicting space travel will be available to regular citizens somewhere between 2020 and 2040, and space honeymoons will be commonplace near the end of the century. Go on and be an early adopter on that trend! 


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