Robin Williams Won't Do That

Robin Williams Won't Do That
Love, Heartbreak

Robin Williams does not plan on getting married again.

It's been widely documented that either Robin Williams or Meatloaf will do anything for love except that. And while we can only imagine that Meatloaf's forbidden act is something that even Dan Savage would frown upon, we know that Robin Williams is off the marriage merry-go-round. According to Female First, the comedian, comedic actor, impressionist (like Rich Little not like Degas) and hairy forearmed one does not want to get married again.

Robin Williams has been hitched a couple of times but his recent divorce from Marsha Garces Williams was particularly rough on the old spaz. After telling the interviewer that he didn't plan on getting hitched again he went on a tangent about what would happen if divorce literally cost arms and legs. And he wonders what those irreconcilable differences were.

Sample of any conversation with Robin Williams:

You: Hey Robin how are you doing?
Robin (1970's Black Man's Voice): Maaan, how you gonna ask how I'm doin'? We put my homeslice Barack is in the White House, ya dig?
Robin (Mr. T Voice): I pity the fool that didn't rock the vote.
Robin (Gay Man's Voice): Oh, the question shouldn't be how I'm doing but who I'm doing?
Robin (John Wayne's Voice): Nothin' doin', pilgrim. You better watch that lip of yours if you don't wanna get shot full of lead.
Robin (Deep Voice): Speaking of lead, have you seen how much gas costs these days? It's started pumping you.
Robin (Gay Man's Voice): Oh, don't I wish.

We could go on for like this for hours, but we don't want you to divorce us. Now hairy forearms is the second thing that Robin Williams has in common with Simon Cowell (Simon's off the ladies too for a minute).