Bonaduce To Pay For Crimes Against Womenkind

Bonaduce To Pay For Crimes Against Womenkind

Gretchen Bonaduce to get paid, Danny Bonaduce still getting laid.

According to the Associated Press, child star, reality show dude, and shockingly beefy muscleman Danny Bonaduce caught a divorce from his wife. Anyone who watched his reality show (Breaking Bonaduce) knew that the man once known as Danny Partridge was not smiles times with wife Gretchen Bonaduce. For the record, we never saw the television program but are fairly familiar with the celeb misbehavin' genre and are willing to bet that the former Mrs. Bonaduce earned every penny of her settlement.

Anywho, as part of the split from the fiery ginger, Gretchen Bonaduce is getting $16,000 per month in alimony and child support (yeah, Bonaduce can afford to give someone $192,000 a year, shocking). The 2 were hitched after a blind date 18 years ago.

Don't cry for the frisky, combative Bonaduce, he's got some things figured out. In addition to his radio gig, he has a reality shows coming out of his ears. In addition to using his expertise as a child star, he's keeping the rights to a new show called The Next Mrs. Bonaduce, sure to be on whatever CourtTV is now called or VH1, though E! seems to dig the reckless/ calculating handful. While the show sounds like a perfect love-contest show a la The Bachelor or Brett Michael's Rock Of Love, Bonaduce allegedly has a girlf named Amy Railsback (sounds like a girl-rock band or a teen angst novella). But nothing has stopped the milieu from suspending disbelief (see A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila).

Fun fact: Did you know that Bonaduce was in our 4th favorite Mark Hamill movie Corvette Summer?