Morning News Feed: Fri, Nov 7

Morning News Feed: Fri, Nov 7

Proposition K fails, Craigslist rethinking prostitutes, and homemade porn.

Per the Boston Globe, popular listings site, Craigslist, promises to cut down on the prostitution. And Craigslist's traffic just dropped 95%. It’s OK, no one asked them to yank the reigns on casual hookup postings. And 50% of that traffic is contemplating returning.

Seriously, why go through Craigslist when you can just use the Emperor's Club and get off Scot Free? The New York Times is reporting that former New York governor and chin-y fellow Eliot Spitzer is not going to face any charges in his prostitute purchases.

And the people of San Francisco feel the same way about prostitutes as the rest of Cali feels about gay marriage. The ballot measure Proposition K also did not pass last Tuesday per NYULocal. We have a feeling that Californians have it out for girls named Kate. K + 8 = screw you, Kate.

If we're all being perfectly honest, how different is Sweden from Southern California? We just ask because Gay Wired is reporting that gay church weddings will likely be available in Sweden sometime in 2009.

We sincerely doubt that she's a Swede, but porn star Belladonna wants to teach you a few tricks. The actress has a few tips on Asylum for making your own porn. And YourTango has tips on making your best sex tape. Compare but do not contrast.

Though they're not porn stars (as far as we know), they are odd couples. Access Hollywood dashes through the 15 most uncomfortable pairs on television today. God, we thought we were the only ones who couldn't stand Dexter's Rita.

Dexter was an orphan and the circumstances of his orphaning were pretty weird. He's lucky to have been adopted, some Arkansan orphans may not be so lucky. The state passed a law banning unmarried people from adopting (sorry Liz Lemon) per Dallas News. It just goes to show you that when you outlaw unmarried adoptions only outlaws will adopt unmarried. Or something.

It could be worse than not being able to adopt, you could be raising a racist. Over at Babble a pretty funny/ weird look at what happens when your baby is an intolerant infant.

Sounds like someone would need a vacation in such an instance, and Shine has 5 great romantic winter getaways on tap for ya.

Or you could just sleep more. Daily Bedpost says that dreaming of infidelity doesn't make you a bad person. We've never been particularly partial to dream analysis, but it works for some people.

It's been a sloooooooow Friday morning. It could be worse, you could be a bridesmaid in this down economy, tell 'em about it, Allison Castillo: