Morning News Feed: Thurs, Nov 6

Morning News Feed: Thurs, Nov 6
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A cohabitation survival guide, sexless marriages and friends with benefits.

And just like that, it's back to business as usual. According to The Australian, families in which the wife was far better-educated than the husband are highly prone for divorce. Though the inverse was not true. Which goes to show that women are not into guys that can't tell their Manets from their mayonnaise.

On the subject of getting dumped, Cosmo has an article on why dudes ditch gals even if they're down with 'em. Worth a read if you have a few minutes. Though our homey Liz Tuccillo (He's Just Not That Into You) would probably disagree with a handful of the points.

Maybe he's just not ready to move in with you. According to people who know things, moving in together can be a pretty big shock. That's why the good people at The Frisky have put together a "survival" guide to the first 30 days of cohabitation (or possibly marriage).

And sometimes couples living together become just roommates. It sucks, but it happens. According to the Village Voice, plenty of women are seeking solace from sexless marriage in online support groups and forums. While most people would rather, you know, have sex. Support through forums is a great idea, something we do here at YourTango.

And if the problem is your libido, ladies, there may be hope. A Teddy Pendergrass record and a bottle of chardonnay may work of some of ya, but Bloomberg says that a newish Testosterone patch gives women a significant bump in sexual desire and sexual satisfaction.

Is the patch enough of a satisfaction aid that condoms become more tolerable? The jury is still out, but condoms are a terribly good idea to use. CNN runs through some of the most memorable campaigns and schemes to endear people to safe sex. A coffee-smelling condom sounds… just awful.

Other things awful about coffee: it stains your teeth, too much makes you jittery, it's never improved anyone's breath, and it can, through the caffeine component, make your babies weigh way to little. Per US News (& World Report), aggressive caffeine intake has increased chance of low birth weight and miscarriage. So, science is telling us that ingesting too much food can lead to fatter babies and ingesting a stimulant can lead to skinny babies. Way to earn your paychecks, fellas. What’s the word on exposing gestating babies to high levels of radiation?

And to take you home, a little humor. College Humor recently posted a video featuring a wedding ceremony for friend with benefits. We give it about a B. Keep the jokes coming, College Humor.