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Obama Inspires Sex Acts

Obama Inspires Sex Acts
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Obama babies to appear nine months from now?

Barack and Michelle Obama weren't the only ones having sex last night. Bloggers are proclaiming that nine months from now we'll see a surge in Obama Babies: children conceived through celebration sex.

Across the country (or at least outside Love Buzz's apartment) strangers were hugging and kissing, cars were honking their horns and people were setting off fireworks. Lovers could moan all they wanted, content in the knowledge that their nookie noises would not be overheard.

Breakup Girl wanted in on the action: "As I watched Obama’s acceptance speech, heart—and loins—swelled alike. My loving man gave my hand a squeeze, and I was filled with a wondrous, deep and primal desire to embrace him and celebrate life. And even—now that we have a prayer of creating for them a worthy world—to make life, to make babies!"

But this sex surge is not just speculation! According to, "Voters who identify with the winning party on Tuesday will be more sexually active that night than those who cast votes for the losing party in the presidential election.”

And there's another kind of Obama baby out there as well: "Six out of the 10 male newborns at Sierra Leone's main maternity hospital early Wednesday have been named Barack Obama," says

Will you have an Obama baby?


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