Who Are Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger?

Who Are Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger?

Is the Pussycat Dolls lead singer engaged to the Formula One champion?

ou may not know Lewis Hamilton, but you will. The racecar driver is the first black (1 black and 1 white parent) driver to win a Formula One championship and youngest. The driver's full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton and got the first 2 parts of his names from American sprinting champion Carl Lewis.

Lewis Hamilton, a Brit, earned his fame through his exploits on the racecourse and not through a reality dance show (Helio Castroneves, Dancing With The Stars) or good looks (Danica Patrick, everywhere). Not to say that Castroneves and Patrick aren't incredibly talented, but Hamilton actually attempts to avoid the spotlight, although he is dating Nicole Scherzinger.

Who is Nicole Scherizinger, you ask? She's the brains of the Pussycat Dolls outfit. She's also the body and face, we suppose. But the PcDs were, to our knowledge, her brainchild. All that "Hot Like Me," "Freak Like Me" business is on her. Pretty exciting. Despite bearing no resemblance, we constantly confuse her with Danity Kane exile Aubrey O'Day. Next time you're rocking out in a strip aerobics class thank Nicole Scherizinger for the moves and jams.

Short story long, according to Digital Spy, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger are most likely engaged to be married. Sweet deal. They're both prett-y good lookin'. Ideally, that'll make for some good lookin' kids (even if science claims that boys don't inherit their dad's good looks).

While we're at it, drivers (and not just Ricky Bobby) have been pulling in some primo tail the last few years. NASCAR alone has given us the following hookups: Carl Edwards (chompers and all) dated Amanda Beard, also-ran Burney Lamar picked up his biggest career victory in wife Niki Taylor, and multi-series racer Dario Franchitti hooked Ashley Judd. A dern good run though we feel like we're missing a big one, any thoughts or recollections?

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