50 Cent Thinks Jay-Z Needed Beyonce

50 Cent Thinks Jay-Z Needed Beyonce

Did Shawn Carter need Beyonce, as 50 Cent surmises?

This is already been around the block a time or 2 but it looks like 50 Cent has more or less lost his damn mind. According to Bossip (and whomever else), Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson said that Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter needed his marriage to Beyonce "Beyonce" Knowles to get famous. As we know, the couple was married in April '08 and Jay-Z was pretty famous before April ergo 50 Cent is an idiot, right? What if 50 Cent wasn’t referring to their actual wedding but the time that Bey became Jay's "wife-y"? While the 2 have been incredibly cagey about the time they got together (inspiring this Chris Brown-Rihanna silliness) let’s assume that it was before their duet "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" came out and after Jay-Z clowned on Destiny's Child in Missy Elliott's "One Minute Man" with the line "Get you 'independent' ass out of here, question?" in 2001. (He also clowned on Destiny's Child as far back as 1999 but that's immaterial.)

Though Hard Knock Life was his best-selling album back in '98 (quintuple platinum, Johnny), he did move a ton of CDs during the possible Beyonce years. Did having a beautiful, sweet, possible girlfriend make him feel more accessible to some audiences and/or media outlets? Who knows? But the tradition is for couples album sales to slump when they get married, so this all gets back to our point that 50 Cent is talking out his ass. Or he needs some pub. It looks like Kanye is not trying to play the album release date game with 50 again, so he needs to get a feud with somebody and why not this guy?

One thing that 50 may be right about is the claim that Jay-Z is worth $1 billion. We're not 100% where that came from but that is whole lot of jing. Forbes doesn't make any assertions about net worth but does say that 50 has raked in more money in the last 12 months, largely on the Vitamin Water stock swap. Other sources wildly differ on Jigga's value from $300 million to $940 million with Beyonce reportedly worth $100 million. Solid.

Hip hop producer Ridikolus once asked Jack Donaghy if he ever had more money than he could shake a stick at and the advised him (Donaghy) to pick out a stick. 50 should probably just pick out a stick, order that clear Gulfstream, and call it a day. At least neither of these guys has to go to the YouTubes to ask Saudi Arabia to sell him discounted oil (pretty embarrassing for a mogul):