Blogger Crush: Eve 101

Blogger Crush: Eve 101

YourTango's long-lost cousin?

Blog: Eve 101

When we first clicked on to Eve 101 we had a moment or recognition: these ladies are like us! On their about us page they describe their site as "a place where open minds and honest opinions congregate." They want to be straightforward and real, and from what this Love Buzzer has seen, they're doing just that.

The site's sections are called body and soul, domestic goddess-ing, news and reviews, and relationships. The relationships category is divided into breakups & divorce, community, dating, love and marriage, and sex, and their tag cloud indicates that these are the most popular topics on the site.

Recent posts include five things that take the "'I love that I can just be myself with you!' feeling too damn far" (like pooping while you're on the phone with your sweetie and scraping your tongue in front of her), how to be the best ex-wife ever, sexual submission, and female friends. Community posts usually garner 100+ comments, lively discussions where readers share their own stories and give advice to other users. They even have original video!

Eve 101 is like the cousin we never knew existed. And for that, they are our blogger crush.

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