Kirk Cameron Not Into Other Women

Kirk Cameron Not Into Other Women

The Left Behind star has a very strict on-screen policy.

Do you remember Kirk Cameron? He was in that one show with Robin Thicke's dad. And then he starred in Like Father Like Son in which he and Dudley Moore played a son and father, respectively, that switched bodies. Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage tried this trick the next year in Vice Versa. And George Burns and Charlie Schlatter ("who?" is appropriate) tried a wrinkle on this scheme by having a man switch places with his grandson in 18 Again. We like to refer to those as the  years Hollywood took the concept of walking a mile in someone else's mocassins too literally.

Anywho, Kirk Cameron (who once had a show with Leonardo DiCaprio) is still kind of poking around out there. He got really religious-y at some point, starred in The Book Of Revelations-ploitative Left Behind series. But he's back in a movie about firemen, Fireproof. Amazing that he and the boys from NKOTB comeback at the same time. But that's not the story here, the story is, according to The Blemish, that Kirk Cameron refuses to even kiss other women on screen. We’re not sure if she’s the jealous-type but it reminds us of another brave entertainer. An actress this time. An actress who people just thought of as a body and a face. But this actress decided to say "screw you" to the establishment and discontinued doing simulated sex scenes. Upon hearing this news, some people speculated that Pamela Anderson was going to start doing straight porn and really weren't that thrilled. Essentially, they'd seen it all before. But she stuck to her guns and made dozens of more TV episodes after that.

But Kirk Cameron is different. He actually subs his wife in as a body double when the scene calls for it. Guess who won't be doing any interracial love scenes any time soon. We wonder if there are any other actors or actresses for whom this is a dealbreaker? According to Us Magazine, Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio had an awkward sex scene in the forthcoming Revolutionary Road because Winslet's husband Sam Mendes is the director. That could be a little weird, bordering on a cuckold fetish weird. And American Beauty is actually starting to make more sense to us.