Ivana Trump’s Husband Allegedly Cheats

Ivana Trump’s Husband Allegedly Cheats
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Donald Trump's ex watches her hubby cheat on Italian national television.

What do you get the woman who seemingly has everything?  How about a husband that won’t cheat on her!  According to Perez Hilton, socialite Ivana Trump’s husband, Italian playboy Rossano Rubicondi allegedly had sex with another woman – on national television. The post explains that Rubicondi was on Italian TV’s version of Celebrity Survivor and hooked up with Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez while the cameras were rolling and evidently didn't try too hard to hide it. 

It gets better: the tryst was brought forth by former Italian parliament member and rival contestant Vladimir Luxuria, and the public voted Rubicondi off the show for his indiscretion.  Oh snap!  No news yet whether or not Ivana had a prenup I would assume she did after being married to Donald Trump and their infamous divorce proceedings) but wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when he got home after that taping?

Let me just point something out here: if this rumor is true, talk about biting the hand that feeds you!  Rubicondi was Ivana’s companion for years and is a notoriously kept man with adjoining residences and living on Ivana’s money for years.  I read Ivana’s column in Page Six Magazine all the time and you’d think that everything was going swimmingly for her…now this?  Jeez…it’s one thing to cheat on your wife and have her suffer the embarrassment of dissolving the relationship. It’s another thing altogether if your wife is a public figure and your source of income and then you go and cheat on her on national television. Do you think there were signs he was going to step out on her?

Regardless of how famous you are, I can’t imagine the heartbreak over this isn’t as painful as any other cheating incident, made especially more vicious by such a public betrayal. I only hope she was smart enough to protect her ass(ets) and will continue to live by her famous motto from her divorce from The Donald: “Don’t get mad, get everything.” Although, considering most of the stuff they have between them is probably hers to begin with, I imagine she’ll just pick up where she left off before she met him and moves on with her life.



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