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Male Masturbation Fantasies Exposed

Male Masturbation Fantasies Exposed

Ever wonder what men fantasize about? Over at Glamour's Smitten one guy revealed his frottage fodder. It includes a rotating cast of women, images instead of narrative and a few surprises…

Nowadays, I go through "the highlight reel." You know, every relationship has its highlight reel of actual moments that you were having sex and thinking, "Wow, this is amazing."

It's sweet that he uses real people for fantasies. Also interesting, though not surprising, I suppose, that he uses ex-girlfriends for masturbation inspiration. Do you ever think about which exes of yours might keep you in their nightly rounds? Here's a clue:

There’s one little interesting wrinkle: When I’m fantasizing about past girlfriends, sometimes it makes a difference who broke up with whom. If I’ve broke up with them, but still find them attractive, then that’s really easy. But if she broke up with me, it feels a little too pathetic to have her in my fantasy. Still, you know, sometimes I’ll cave...

Do you masturbate about exes? And how would you feel if your boyfriend included his past girlfriends in his masturbating inventions?

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