Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov 4

Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov 4
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Dresses for military brides, recycled sex and positions on gay marriage.

Maybe today's election will provide a bounce for the slow economy. If not, our homies Em & Lo have a suggestion: recycling sex. It's easier and more time-saving to just hook up with an ex instead of going to all the pain of finding someone new, from New York Magazine.

And while everyone is saving money on their sex, it looks like the girls from Essex, England are trying a new angle, no condoms. Per the Metro, women from Essex (the equivalent of a Valley girl) are more than 3 times as likely to have unprotected sex as women from anywhere else in the UK and have correspondingly higher rates of STDs and unintended pregnancy. Didn't the Pet Shop Boys sing about this?

As Amy Poehler has pointed out, mouths can't get pregnant. But, it turns out that some dudes aren't into oral sex. Rachel Kramer Bussel examines this affliction on The Frisky. But if you do decide to eschew the oral sex route and do end up impregnated there are a few things you ought to know.

Since we don't know any of these things we'll just point out that the New York Times points out that weight gain by pregnant mothers often translates to bigger babies. Seriously this is news?

Something we did not know, both McCain and Obama aren't in love with gay marriage. Per eFluxMedia, they have different reasons but are both agin' it. Though Obama thinks Proposition 8 may be unnecessary.

Ask Men wants to teach you how to date like someone from the TV show called Mad Men. They probably could have gotten most of the same advice by reading a book about the Rat Pack but Dean Martin ain't as popular as Don Draper in these parts. We think bringing back chivalry sounds pretty nice. They did pull a few good Mad Men video clips, if you're into that sort of thing.

What's not nice is divorce for superficial reasons. According to the Times Of India, a gentleman was unable to consummate his marriage because of his wife's acne. And now he wants a divorce. And, because it was an arranged marriage, there are some allegations akin to fraud. Guess who wins in this case? No one. No one wins in this case. Maybe Proactive Solution wins.

And no one is really winning in this down economy. Except for Suze Orman. She keeps giving advice and buy snazzy jackets. And now she thinks you need to keep 'em separated, your bank accounts that is. Jezebel takes issue with this advice and wonders how she can get away with treating simple, common sense advice as sage wisdom.

And the nicest news of the day, according to MarketWatch, a bridal shop is giving wedding gowns away to members of the military or women with fiancés in Iraq or Afghanistan. Supplies are limited and seem to be on an as-needed basis. Let's hope that whoever wins today remembers to take care of these men and women as they return home.