Aniston To Adopt?

Aniston To Adopt?

Is Jennifer Aniston ready for kids? Is Chris Kattan getting divorced?

According to SkyNews (an outfit from the gorgeous New Zealand), all of the American press is abuzz about the possibility of Jennifer Aniston adopting a kid. Evidently, the Yankee media cannot stop talking about how passionate and ready Aniston is about the prospect of being a mother. And if some man's sperm is not going to wiggle it's way into her ovum, then some kid that no one felt raising will have to do. Apparently, if this Brangelina person can adopt babies then so can the uptight one from Friends, no the other uptight one from Friends.

We're glad that the Kiwis are on top of this stuff, so we don't have to be. One story they missed, and you may have too, is that Chris Kattan's marriage to a person called Sunshine Tutt is in shambles. According to Contact Music (who has been known to jump the gun a time or 2), Sunshine Tutt has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences which probably means that she was sick and tired of hearing the inspiration behind Mango or how the Roxbury guys were invented when he and Will Ferrell just started getting crazy 1 night in a Manhattan nightclub when "What Is Love" came on. Kattan and Tutt dated for about 3 years before marrying this summer and then stayed together for 8 weeks before needing a little time off. The break started about a month ago. So, if you're keeping score at home that’s 156 weeks of dating, 8 weeks of marriage, and 4 weeks of separation before divorce or the classic 39 to 2 to 1 scheme.

Not to stereotype too much but you sometimes have to watch out for people with hippie names they sometimes take on the attributes of their namesake. Can anyone really stay married to sunshine? Would a feather allow you to raise your kids as anything but vegans? And you’d just have to expect someone named revelation to leave you and the kids high and dry and join a cult, right?

Enjoy Kattan as a Mr. Peepers: