Paris Hilton: Men Used Me For Sex And Fame

paris hilton

Paris Hilton thinks Benji Madden and the Windsor Princes are cool though.

How about that? According to The Superficial, Paris Hilton is fed up with being used for sex and/ or fame. She said that, "Every other guy I've been out with has used me for money or sex - but in most cases they just want fame." Weird that a woman would date a man and come to the conclusion that he just wants to have sex with her. Most guys we know just want someone to watch Bronson Pinchot DVDs with them.

If the Rick Salomon tape is any indication, no one is really getting his money's worth on the sex front, even she looked bored. Using someone for fame is a far more serious accusation. Seriously, what kind of actor, entertainer, businessman, or musician would ever in a million years use a relationship to become more famous? Worse, what if one of these guys used her as an inspiration to create a classic piece of art, cinema, literature, or music? Cork soakers.

God, what if she dated some guy that was ready for a family and wanted to use her for her reproductive capacity? That bastard. Honestly, people famous for doing nothing can really only complain when the people they're dating are using them for organ harvesting or to get discount rates while staying at Hilton Hotels (it's a faux pas to even ask, it turns out).

While we're taking on the Paris Hilton interview, it looks like nothing went down with either of the Windsor Princes and she is friends with Katie Price (sometimes called Jordan) but did not kiss her on the mouth because she (Hilton) has a boyf. And things are looking pretty good with old Benji Madden. We wonder if that means he's not interested in money, sex, or fame.

We've said it before, but this is really going to be it on the Paris Hilton updates for some time. Unless she gets married or pregnant, has another sex tape, or forgets her underpants again, then all bets are off. Or when she finds her new BFF, they'd pull our celeb gossip credentials if we missed that one.

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