Portman and Duder Breakup

Portman and Duder Breakup
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Natalie Portman and Devendra Banhart prefer the company of others.

According to Hot Momma Gossip, V For Vendetta star Natalie Portman and dude Devendra Banhart are through with dating one another. Evidently this Devendra Banhart guy is some sort of folk rock musician and Natalie Portman was in his video "Carmensita." Nice. We always thought of hooking up with the video girls as more of rap thing. Tupac laments this phenomenon in the the classic "All Bout U." And Karrine Steffans writes about it in Confessions Of A Video Vixen.

Supposedly, the Harvard grad moved out to LA (from her native NYC) to hang out with guy more, but it could be that she's a movie star. Maybe she'll be a little lonely when she migrates back to the big city. Maybe Andy Samberg will have some time on his hands. Maybe the 2 can get a little crazy (in the Seal way not in the Natural Born Killers way) and have some fun. Maybe a Viking helmet will be involved.

Barring that hookup, we're pretty sure that both Jemaine and Bret (pronounced Brit) of Flight Of The Conchords live in New York, are folk rock stars, and know how to treat a lady. Though Natalie Portman seems to go through guys pretty quicklike and those guys are pretty sensitive. See below and let us know if it would work: