Ed Westwick & Drew Barrymore?

Ed Westwick & Drew Barrymore?

Is America's Sweetheart dating Chuck Bass or just having fun?

How's this for some gossip, girl; word on the street is that Drew Barrymore (America's Sweetheart, really?) hooked up with America's favorite teen villain, Chuck Bass. Ed Westwick, the actor who plays the diabolical scion of the Bass family, was spotted making out with Drew Barrymore after this weekend's Saturday Night Live per Vanity Fair (that's him in a vest, naturally).

Westwick's Gossip Girl costar, Blake Lively, (not that we watch that show) had a cameo in a sketch this weekend (James Franco's little ding-dong), so she may have brought the rest of her clique to the after-party. We have no way of knowing what happened at the after-after party or certainly at the after-after-after party. But we heard they went to a Kings of Leon concert on Monday too.

And meanwhile, Drew Barrymore's ex, "I'm A Mac" Long, is not dating Kirsten Dunst, who more or less said 'ew gross' when that rumor surfaced. Round 1 goes to Barrymore and this could be a bloodbath. On top of that, IBM is string back with PC ads that are earnestly trying to dispel the myth that PCs are for dorks.

And Ed Westwick's homiest of homeys, Chace Crawford, may become the face of Versace. All in all, it's a pretty good week to be an upper Eastsider.

Speaking of hookups and all the accompanying excitement, it looks like Jenna Fischer's got a new dude in writer Lee Kirk. According to Celebutopia, the 2 have been hanging out since January but only made themselves a public item at the boring Emmys. We're glad that she's righting that ship of hers. 2007 was a rough year, she divorced husband James Gunn, broke her back, won a SAG award for best ensemble comedy, and co-starred in Blades Of Glory. All in all, a year to forget. We're amped, though, about this new season of The Office, we'll know Friday morning whether it's enthusiasm well spent.

Any thoughts on this Westwick-Barrymore business? He speaks with an English accent, if that helps.