Nicole Kidman & The Fertility Waterfalls

Nicole Kidman & The Fertility Waterfalls

Did the water of Kununurra help her get pregnant?

It is no secret that Nicole Kidman has had some fertility issues which led her (and Tom Cruise) to adopt Connor and Isabel. And it was good. Then the marriage between Cruise and Nicole Kidman dissolved. He eventually found his way to Katie Holmes and she found Keith Urban, an ironically named country musician. Things were going well, she made a few movies, he made a few albums, and gave up the drugs he was using and everyone was more or less happy. Then Tom Cruise managed to knock up Katie Holmes and the game was changed.

He was 'winning' the divorce by moving on the fastest (though she gets points for wishing him well the most frequently) and something had to happen. The pregnancy seemed to be a pretty easy 1 for Katie Holmes and she birthed what everyone would later agree is the most perfect child ever born; Suri Cruise. Now Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had some work to do. And they got right on the stick and had Sunday Rose Kidman Urban this past July. A job well done.

Some skeptics were, well, skeptical and maybe the words 'surrogate' and 'in vitro' came up. But Nicole Kidman is here to put that noise to bed (because it might wake the baby). According to Defamer, she's got something more powerful than science enhancing her fertility; she has the sweet, fecundity-enhancing waterfalls of Kununurra (a small town in Australia known for its magical, conception-aiding waterfalls).

That's it. Nicole Kidman and 6 other women got knocked up during the filming of the movie Australia!. We would have pointed to a shirtless Hugh Jackman as the most likely source of this fruitfulness but the woman who played Cole Trickle's doctor in Days Of Thunder begs to differ. We'll just agree to disagree. Defamer's convinced that Australia's tourism is about to skyrocket. Good call, ya'll. Alien philosophy and water spirits are equally powerful.

In other motherhood news, Sharon Stone has lost custody of her kid to her ex, according to People. The old cross then uncross the legs trick must not work with the legal system anymore. Hopefully, she'll get a fair amount of visitation if she doesn't move to San Francisco.