Sienna Miller Wants Getty To Divorce

Sienna Miller Wants Getty To Divorce

Will Balthazar Getty drop wife Rosetta for Sienna?

According to The Improper, Sienna Miller is sick and, presumably, tired of being the other woman. And rather than finding a new, unencumbered dude, she'd prefer that the current dude Balthazar Getty drop wife Rosetta. To which we say, of course you do, baby, that's why you're his girlfriend on the side. ??

Celebitchy says that Sienna Miller is "let down" by B-Gett's reluctance to commit (to her, we guess). This comes despite him spending copious amounts of time with her in lieu of his wife and 5 children (that's a whole basketball team). Not to get all Keith Olbermann, but does the other woman really get to make a lot of demands? Isn't the SOP (standard operating procedure) that the guy makes extravagant promises but never follows through? Ten thousand years of human history can't be wrong, can it? And what if he were to follow through, i.e. dump his family and kids? How many relationships that started as an affair really make it? Because of (perhaps in spite of, we can't tell anymore) this, Miller is supposedly seeking a little space.

Someone needs to get on the phone with Tilda Swinton or Michael Gambon. It seems like those classy Englanders handle their weird, extra-curriculars with subtlety, restraint, and general Englishness.

We read somewhere that Rosetta Getty didn't want to initiate a divorce because Getty's personal value is far lower than it will be after his inheritance kicks in down the road. Not a pleasant situation all the way around. We're willing to bet that lots of philandering gets tacit acceptance because of the money stuff. Though everything is always more complicated than it looks from the outside. Any thoughts out there? Anyone ever been part of a clusterf*ck tripod like this? Do we really need a JV Liev Schreiber - Naomi Watts running around out there?

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