Spielberg For Clay Aiken's Gay Marriage

Spielberg For Clay Aiken's Gay Marriage

Steven Spielberg donates money against Prop 8 and Clay Aiken comes out.

Misleading headline? Sho 'nuff. We just didn't want to write an entire post about Clay Aiken, surprise, coming out of the closet. Nor did we want to write 1 about Steven Spielberg being for gay marriage. So, we took a little from Column A and a little from Column B and made lemonade.

So, according to Celebrity Café, esteemed director Steven Spielberg is taking Brad Pitt's lead and donating money to create a Patriot missile system to California's Proposition 8 SCUD missile. He and wife Kate Capshaw (the love interest from Temple Of Doom) matched Pitt's $100,000 donation. We presume that this money is going towards advertising to get Californians to vote down Prop 8. If they were TV guys, they would have just created a webisode or something. Some bit of Twain-esque satire that put the whole system on trial. Alas, they're film people and such an effort would take years in incubation, months of rewriting, and weeks to film a 3 part, 22-minute show.

Irrespective of the Hollyweird donations, we're pretty sure that this wouldn't pass. But maybe it's a blessing that it did make it on the ballot. It'll probably convince a few more people to exercise their right to vote and will settle this issue (in California), for now. Not to get on a soapbox Olberman-style, but aren't there enough problems in California (and the rest of the continental US, things seem pretty rad in Alaska and Hawaii) that spending effort on this is like tuning the piano on the Titanic?

Whatever. It looks like Clay Aiken or should we say Clay Fakin' (That He Was Straight) has come out of the closet and is now publicly a gay dude. Everyone who guessed this can expect their prize in the mail tomorrow. The quadruple threat (that's singing, dancing, acting, and baby makin') is the cover feature for this week's People and, per iVillage's Daily Blabber, dropped the G-Bomb there. Sweet move, Clay Dogg. But this is hardly the same as Rock Hudson getting outed or Jim McGreevey admitting to being the governor of New Jersey or even Lance Bass coming out. What's next? Is Out going to put Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster on its cover? This probably means that Clay Aiken likely didn't put p into v to make his baby. More like p into cup, then turkey baster into v.

Interestingly, MTV asked Clay Aiken about his sexuality and he dodged about 2 years ago. He said he didn't want his kid to grow up with this big lie hanging out there. Good work, Clay Aiken. Enjoy the 2-year old interview.