Morning News Feed: Mon, Nov 3

Morning News Feed: Mon, Nov 3

Sexual dysfunction, big girls having sex, depression, and the Blue Angels.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times, there is a link between television viewing habits and teen sex. "Aw crap," is right. Kids who watch the raciest shows were twice as likely to get knocked up, per the Rand Corporation. Expect to hear A LOT about this study and how Friends, Sex And The City, and That 70's Show are tearing about the moral fabric of teens. Friends maybe.

We can't blame Friends for this one; diabetes (pronounced die-ah-bee-tus, Rodney Dangerfield) can cause dysfunction. The problems are likely to happen in men and women but more likely to be untreated for women. Jeepers, we assumed losing your foot was the most of your worries. All this per CanWest.

Sexual dysfunction in women is terrible and terribly underreported. The that 39% of 32,000 women surveyed have some manner of sexual dysfunction ranging lack of desire to problems climaxing. Expect to hear more about this one very soon. And visit your OBGYN at least once per year.

We're glad that someone out there is doing it. According to, bigger girls have more sex, so Outkast, obviously, was onto something, "Specially the big girl, big girls need love too no discrimination in this world.? So keep your hands off my cheeks, and let me study how you ride the beat. Ya big freak."

There could some psychological reasons for bigger gals craving the sex, but we won't psychoanalyze. Per Ars Technica, a survey of Aussie and American men showed a link between interweb sex habits and depression. Eh, chicken or egg?

Speaking of desperate times/ desperate measures, Asylum wants to know if it's worse to accept sex for drugs or drugs for sex. Both are likely to get you some wicked infections.

Hopefully, an opium den/ whorehouse isn't one of the place on the list, but Cracked has a list of 9 dope places to get freak nasty. They also give the worst-case scenario of each of the locales. Ideally, a bear won't smell the sex and tear the coupling pair limb-from-limb. For a brown bear, pretend to be dead. Or is that a black bear?

Riding bareback while flying Mach 2 might be pretty fun but it will get you thrown out of the Blue Angels. In a move straight out of Top Gun, a member of the Navy's elite stunt fighter group, has been benched for an inappropriate relationship. "With a history of high speed passes over five air control towers, and one admiral's daughter!"

On the subject of classic romances (what? bromance is romance), our homey Funky Brown Chick, put together a list of the best May-December cougar love movies. Oooooh, that's how Stella got her groove back. I'm old enough to be tu mama tambien.

And maybe one of these older gal – younger guy relationships will end in a wedding. And because no one is going to support them, they'll need to save some money. IDoSugar has suggestions on how to save money on your nuptials. Our suggestion: cut that invite list liberally or send some of those save the dates a week before the ceremony.