A Kid For Keanu?

A Kid For Keanu?

It looks like Keanu Reeves and Parker Posey do not have a kid on the way.

The Boston Globe is inferring that Keanu Reeves may have a baby on the way. Not from his own belly, that would be silly, but from the belly of his girlf, Indie Queen Parker Posey. The couple was spotted dropping stacks (a grand if the gossips are to be believed) on baby stuff in Hollywood, California. Someone later said that the gifts were for a friend. And unlike when you ask for some very personal and specific advice "for a friend," we totally believe them. We were going to drop some jokes about Johnny Utah-Ted-Neo-Shane Falco's legacy but then we read about Keanu's child/relationship tragedy and decided to hold off.

It's probably the best if the 2 don't have a child, Parker Posey seems like she really enjoys being the center of attention. That kid would be on his/her toes if he/she had the whole Christopher Guest gang molding his/her young mind; "Wha happened?"

We saw a Parker Posey movie a few years back called House Of Yes (based on a play by Wendy McLeod) that sort of stuck with us. If you're a fan of the actress, rent it. We couldn't find our favorite exchange between Parker (Jackie-O) and her brother Marty:

Marty: Are you being wise?
Jackie-O: One day I woke up wise.
Marty: One day I woke up stupid.
Jackie-O: What'd you do?
Marty: I went back to bed.
Jackie-O: That was wise.

In lieu of that enjoy the vid below. Yes, that is Freddie Prinze Jr.