Groom Crashes Wedding

Groom Crashes Wedding

A Manchester man plowed his limo into a wall before his nuptials.

In some news of the weird, a man from Manchester plowed his limousine into a wall on the way to his wedding according to The Sun. To be sure that we're on the same page, this was Manchester, England (home of David Beckham's former* team, Manchester United) and not Manchester, Tennessee (home of drug-infused music hoedown, Bonnaroo).

The man, Brian Ashton, and his best man, name not relevant, were just trying to get to the church on time (modern love terrifies us too) when the brakes went out on their ride. The 2 were okeedokee but the groom's mother had some sort of heart episode and was taken to the local hospital. In true stiff-upper lip, the-show-must-go-on fashion, Brian Ashton and bride Sarah Ward went on with the ceremony and visited the mother-in-law after they were properly wed (though probably before sanctifying the union the old fashioned way).

We suppose slamming the limo off a brick wall is much better than the bride and bridegroom getting into a fight and spending their wedding night in jail, even if mum has a quick trip to the hospital. Not that everything has to do with a Wes Anderson film, but this nearly identical to a scene in The Royal Tenenbaums in which Eli Cash (Owen Wilson) slams his roadster into the house on Archer Avenue (while in war paint) just before his best friend’s mother's wedding. Everyone was OK but a dog who once survived a plane crash. It really makes you think.

*Note: Becks played for Real Madrid between ManU and blessing the US with his presence.

Enjoy Eli Cash talking about his book Wild Cat: