Blog Crush: A Human Sexuality Major

Blog Crush: A Human Sexuality Major

Learn what it takes to become a sexologist.

Blog: Life As A Human Sexuality Major
Blogger: The Sexologist, a 24-year-old human sexuality major
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Now that the school year has started our thoughts turn to academics. And what students are more exciting that those studying to be sexologists? With this in mind, we bring you this week's blogger crush, Life As A Human Sexuality Major.

This 24-year-old anonymous blogger makes "no claims to be an 'expert' in Human Sexuality," but hopefully one day she'll be teaching us all about it. She learned about sex in second grade after her older sister and a friend gave an impromptu lesson, drew naked angels in junior high art class and took her first human sexuality class in college. "I think that I always was intrigued with the obscene, the controversial, and the unmentionable," she explains.

She wonders what someone's preferred porn says about them, but "I'm just not sure if I can stand in front of a panel of esteemed professors and explain how I found a correlation between anal leakage videos and political views.  Maybe that should be an "after dissertation" study.'

Like any grad student, she stresses about publishing. Right now she's working on "a publication about women ages 65+ and their marital satisfaction. Apparently there isn't any. And the sex life isn't any better." We've published some stuff you might be interested in, Sexologist! This study says many seniors have rich sex lives, but they're also getting STDs. They're participating in online dating, and in Japan, they're checking out super kinky porn.

We're all students of sexuality to some extent, but if you've ever wondered what it's like to be an academic student of sex, check out Life As A Human Sexuality Major.

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