More Celebrity Gossip That We Missed

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Portia, Jay Mohr, Anne Hathaway, Gossip Girl, and Brangelina 'news.'

We're the first to admit it, we sometimes miss stuff. But we try to make it up to you. Here's some stuff that happened this week (ending with September 19th) that we forgot to mention.

Portia de Rossi changed her name according to Star Magazine and it wasn't to Mersadees Du Martini.

Jay Mohr, star of the upcoming Gary Unmarried, gives his top 10 divorce dos and don'ts to Shine (the website not the piano genius David Helfgott). We liked it better when he was reminding Jerry Maguire's clients of the names of strippers they banged on the road. Or when he wanted to know how much ya bench.

It looks like Anne Hathaway did not drop the dime on Raffaello Follieri to the fuzz. It was his assistant per Contact Music. Evidently, he had a safe with all of the dirt, in a $37,000 per month apartment.

And according to Now Magazine, Anne Hathaway is allowed to move back in with her parents. Uh, we are as jealous as we’ve ever been. We’re looking for that invite at Thanksgiving.

Star Magazine also reports that Gossip Girl Leighton Meester may be hearing wedding bells and for once they’re not from  Lily van der Woodsen (not that we watch that show). Rumor has it that her dog is getting hitched. And now we know why people think celebrities are out of touch with middle America.

And finally, according to Entertainmentwise, some people think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on the rocks. We've only been hearing that since just after Mr. & Mrs. Smith wrapped, get back at us with some details, son.