Couples Retreat: Vaughn, Bateman, Favreau

Couples Retreat: Vaughn, Bateman, Favreau
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Will Couples Retreat be a Swingers reunion? Or The Break-up part 2?

When we initially read the news that Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn were re-teaming, we were amped. It's like it was 1996 and things were much easier because we just wanted to have a few laugh, sucked down a couple brews, and try to make Wayne Gretzski's head bleed. Swingers was pretty sweet. Then we remember their last 2 team ups; Made (underrated… still not good) and The Break-Up (everyone phoned that 1 in except the guy that played Madden with Vince Vaughn). And we've decided to hold back on our enthusiasm and are thinking of going with guarded optimism as it gets closer to the release date.

At any rate, Jason Bateman is also in the forthcoming flick, called Couples Retreat (hint: that's why we're mentioned it). Anyways, the film was written by Jon Favreau and is about a group of 4 couples that are vacationing on a tropical island. One of the couples has serious issues and 1 couple is just there for a good time. Unfortunately, all the couples are required to go to therapy sessions. We hope to God that Vince Vaughn is in the troubled relationship and that Jason Bateman is the therapist. Either way, we're sure that wife-swapping, boorishness, and hilarity will ensue. We suppose this will be in theaters late next year as the shooting is scheduled to start in October.

While we're at it, a new Rom-Com with, surprise, Kate Hudson is out today. It has Jason Biggs as a bit of a, surprise, doofus and Dane Cook as a, surprise, self-assure but sensitive rake. The film is called My Best Friend’s Girl, after the classic tune from The Cars, and we could only find a few reviews since it was not screened for critics (what do they know?). And IGN thinks that you've seen it all before but Alec Baldwin does a nice job playing a, surprise, Jack Donaghy clone. We're cool with the Alec Baldwin part, if it ain't broke…

The real reason that we mentioned My Best Friend's Girl (MBFG) is because of 1 of the stars: Dane Cook. We'll be the first to admit, we paid real money (like $75) to see him in concert. And it was pretty good. He knows his audience, works hard, has a formula, and more or less delivers what's promised (and this could be why the youtubes is actually bad for standup comedy, that's for a different time). So, because all kinds of factors, DC is 1 of the best-selling standups (butts in seats plus albums) of the last 20 years. Because of that and filming MBFG in town, the city of Boston had a Dane Cook day according to the Boston Herald. We're not sure if it was Wednesday or Thursday but somewhere Jerry Seinfeld has to be furiously writing a letter to New York's mayor Bloomberg. Seriously, a Dane Cook Day. Wow.