A-Rod Divorce Final?

A-Rod Divorce Final?

It looks like Alex Rodriguez's marriage is basically done.

As the late, great Mel Allen would say, "How about that?" The Rods, A and C, have settled their divorce amicably. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Rodriguez have "deliberately engaged in these private negotiations. During the negotiations and resolution all decisions were made with the best interests of their children as the paramount concern." Pretty good, prett-y good.

The details of the deal were not made public but we're guessing that some blabbermouth clerk will probably spill the beans to the New York Post within a day or so. We mentioned back in July that A-Rod wanted to stick to the tenets of the prenup because infidelity was "immaterial" and Cynthia was looking for a little bit more, like some of his massive salary and their Miami mansion. A-Rod said that he plans on fully supporting their 2 daughters and plans on honoring the prenup. Florida is a no-fault divorce state, so who knows what, if any, impact negligence and wandering eyes would have had if this went to court. Or who would get that Madonna box set.

We do know that A-Rod passed another milestone this week, he has hit 35 homers in a season 11 years in a row (breaking a tie with Slammin' Sammy Sosa) and 12 times overall (breaking a tie with George Herman (Babe) Ruth). Good going, guy. And it looks like he will have October to himself this year as the Yankees will not be making the playoffs. We suppose he can go to the golf course and work on his putts. We were looking forward to seeing if the new, single A-Rod would perform any better in playoff pressure. By virtue of him not agreeing to give his entire salary and all future earnings to his ex-wife, we think he could be developing a little Derek Jeter-esque ice water in his veins.