Brad Pitt Has Gay Marriage Hopes?

Brad Pitt Has Gay Marriage Hopes?

The actor has donated big dollars against Proposition 8.

Actor Brad Pitt would like all people to be able to get married. And he's put his own marriage on hold until that happens. Sound like he doesn't want to get married? Wrongeroo, he's donated money so that California's Proposition 8 (the ban) gets shot down. Money + mouth = marriage for Brad and Angelina?

Misleading headline? You betcha. America's favorite actor/architecture enthusiast (who's to say he's not?) decided to donate some money to gay marriage according to the Washington Post. Brad Pitt and this Angelina Jolie woman once made a vow to not get married until everyone can enjoy the right to wed. It turns out he meant homosexuals and not children or the severely mentally handicapped, whew. We sort of figured it was a cop-out like our promise to not get married until we can run a sub 4-minute mile, but Brad Pitt is actually trying.

He donated $100,000 to stifle the November ballot measure that seeks to re-outlaw gay marriage in California. Proposition 8 seeks to redress the May court ruling (it was a close 4-3 vote) that legalized gay marriage. Some proponents of Proposition 8 claim to not be specifically against gay marriage but would prefer that its authorization was handled by referendum or at the state's legislative level. In an upside-down sort of way, the November vote will do just that.

If we outlaw gay marriage only outlaws will have gay marriage. We should want people, if they're going to do this, to be able to do it in a safe place with a state-certified professional. Not in some back-alley mob chapel with loan sharks and leg-breakers handling the prenup.