Russell Brand's Breakup

Russell Brand's Breakup
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The VMAs host is convinced that 'beautiful' is about the here and now.

According to the San Francisco Gate, British comic Russell Brand has broken another heart. He and Teresa Palmer split at some point in the last few weeks. Teresa Palmer is an Aussie actress that's made a couple of B movies but is appearing in the Anna Faris-Topher Grace vehicle Young Americans which is due to be released at some future date either on the big screen or on DVD. Despite making a promise (to whom?) to try to make relationships work, Brand decided to head out because, "I'm single. There are so many beautiful women around. One day you will not be young and beautiful." Honesty is the best policy but that was impressive.

You may know Brand from his standup routine (if you're English or have the YouTubes on your 'puter), his hosting of the most recent VMAs, or from the feature film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. From what we can tell, Russell Brand more or less plays himself in Forgetting Sarah Marshall except that this character, Aldous Snow, is actually a rock star instead of a comedian. Fair enough, no one really accuses Zach Braff or Wanda Sykes of sticking too close to type.

Brand's jokes regarding the purty purity rings that some tween stars are rocking makes total sense now. His policy of skirt-chasing while young makes it impossibly to wrap his head around the idea of saving it for marriage. Anyone out there ever take an abstinence pledge? Did you follow through?

Enjoy Brand on Hollywood, LA, & The VMAs: