Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 30

Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 30

Family-friendly sex shops, jealousy, Rachael Ray, and HRT for men.

The folks over at Holy Taco have a top-9 list of people that kill the mood during sex. While we agree with most of them (especially the dude that throws on the DMB as mood music), we're pretty sure that at least one of these guys only exists in the pages of The Onion.

On the subject of gags, it looks like Michigan absentee voters are in for a little surprise. According to MLive, a flyer from the Michigan Democratic Party inadvertently has a phone sex line's number on it. It's better than getting Rick Rolled, we guess.

In the not a typo cateogry. A UK family dropped $200K (roughly) on their daughter's wedding and wedding presents. But, The Telegraph tells us, this clan lives and travels in trailers (called caravans over there). The bride is 16 and the groom isn't much older. One-Punch Mickey of Snatch was not in attendance.

While we're on the subject of movies, SAG now officially opposes Proposition 8. The Washington Post doesn't say whether the Screen Actors Guild is putting money towards their goal or just moral support. And some guild members are breathing a sigh of relief, that's their retirement money. We heard Big Pharma is a better investment than Tyco.

Man-made hormones could cure menopause in men. NewScientist has an article about the possibility of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) curing tiredness, irritability, and low libido in aging men. They're still working on something to cure the older man sentiment that "this country's going to hell in a handbasket."

If you feel like you've had enough of America for a while, head to Australia. They speak a similar language, enjoy somewhat similar sports, and have winter during summer. Delightful. They also have a family-friendly sex shop. Per the Courier Mail, the place has coloring books and someone to keep an eye on the kids.

Or you could just stay in the good, old US of A where people like Rachael Ray are trying to make a difference one French bread pizza at a time. The easy meals queen is getting together 50 Houston-area couples whose weddings were wrecked by Hurricane Ike, doing a 1-hours TV special, and dropping a huge ceremony and reception on them according to MarketWatch.

What if your friend got a free make-up wedding and you got nothing, how would you feel? Jealous? It's OK. Metro is reporting that some London hypnotherapist is seeing a huge increase in women seeking help for their jealousy.

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