Leo & Bar: Off Again?

Leo & Bar: Off Again?

Seriously, what's the deal with Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship?

According to New York Daily News' Rush & Molloy (who we heard are somehow romantically involved too, but that's a different Dish), Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli model girlf Bar Rafaeli are back to just friends. And the evidence for this shutdown of romantic activity is that they’ve been spotted "partying" (let's come up with a better word) separately the last few weeks.

Evidently, she was looking forlorn at some get togethers and Leonardo was out in a Chelsea (that's where we live, LEO!) with a gal (likely many) all up in his grill. Or what he calls being in public.

But there's hope! Leonardo and Bar Rafeali were seen at New York's Marquee nightclub together. Oh, you just never know with those 2 do you? They should each wear a headband when their in 1 of their "on a break" phases so we all just know. Tee hee. This yo-yo dating is making our heads hurt.

Anyone feel 1 way or another about this new DiCaprio flick with Russell Crowe, Body Of Lies? It kind of feels like Syriana meets Spy Game and we're not sure if that's a good or bad thing.