Another Virginity Auction

Another Virginity Auction

Model Raffella Fico is selling her purity for $1.5 million.

Damn. These virginity auctions are growing like kudzu. First we had that girl in California, Natalie Dylan, pimping (it's an accurate term) herself on Howard Stern. And now we have an Italian model named Raffella Fico trying to sell her purity for $1.5 million. The 20-year old actress-ish person appeared in the Italian version of Big Brother and in lots of lad mags. In addition to a relatively high asking price, Raffella Fico also wants to have a say in who does the plowing. In our limited experience, that’s not really how the sex industry works. You don't have to kiss the guy, we suppose but that's sort of it. Sorry, pimpin' (even self-pimpin') ain't easy.

It’s a little concerning that this virginity cum prostitution (heh) trend is picking up steam as more and more tween celebs are rocking purity rings and giving their word to stop at third. If the next Brothers Jonas album flubs are they on-deck? How much would that run some randy cougar? Ten million? Twenty million? Not that we watch Gossip Girl but this is exactly the sort of thing that Duchess Catherine (Lord Marcus' step mom) could sink her teeth into. Why have 1 Nate Archibald when you can have a whole boy band to pleasure you?

We have a feeling this is fixin' (about) to get completely out of hand. OPEC dollars can only buy so many Rolls Royces and Manhattan condos. Let's hope oil prices keep falling, especially before High School Musical does a Middle East tour and the kids have to figure out what to do with an indecent proposal.

Note: We feel like we're totally getting short-changed on the US Big Brother experience. They have minor league celebs in the UK, Indian, and Italian version, what gives? Where's Julia Roberts' brother? What about DMX?