Peaches Geldof: Not A Great Wife

Peaches Geldof: Not A Great Wife

Chester French's Maxwell Drummey may be second guessing marriage about now.

Peaches Geldof appears to be a bag of nuts. According to MonstersAndCritics, the daughter of philanthropic rock & roller Bob Geldof has made her husband cry. Her husband is the one half of the rock sensation Chester French, though he is neither a molester or from France. Maxwell Drummey, the husband, started the group with homey DA Wallach while the 2 were attending Harvard (it's a college near a place called Boston, Massachusetts). And this just goes on to prove our theory that Harvard, like new money, always cries. You wouldn't catch a Yalie crying to his/her mother unless somehow Harvard cheated and managed to beat them in football (which they do roughly 40% of the time).

Back to Peaches, evidently she got all buck wild up on stage during a Chester French concert and really became a nuisance to both the band and the crowd. Sorry dude, that's just rock n' roll where we come from. Maybe she loves everybody (a little Chester French first single humor there). Maybe she thought the show needed a little jazzing up, they can't have more than an album or 2 of material, and she's probably heard it all before. And maybe she's batsh*t crazy.

At any rate, Peachy G is only 19 years old and probably hasn't been told 'no' very often. On the whole, though, she seems at least twice as kooky as Nicole Richie at that same age. What is it with English pop stars and the children of English pop stars? We'd put Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, and Peaches Geldof against the Lohans, Spearses, and Richies any day of the week in a winner-takes-all cross-Atlantic kook-out.

Hopefully, things will cool out for Peaches and Maxwell Drummey when she realizes that her dad is just an old rock star and not some Tolkienesque wizard. Maybe she already realizes that and it's why she's not married to Daniel Radcliffe.

At any rate, it's worth giving the lyrics of Chester French's "She Loves Everybody" a listen. The song could easily be about Peachy G. Or the boys from Chester French have a type. Save the drama for your mama, Crimson alumni. Listen out real quick though for this hit single. Uh, these guys need a video. C'mon Pharrell.

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