The 50 Buzziest Blog Posts Ever


Some of them are about sex, and we linked to them, just for you.

Nerve has thoughtfully put together a list of the 50 Buzziest Blog Posts Of All Time. Below are our favorites; go here for the full list.

38. STD All Stars. A chick contracted herpes from a one-night stand and she was so pissed that she created a blog about it, and posted pictures of the dude all over Williamsburg,  Brooklyn. Getting the herp sure does suck, but it's not like her life is over. People with herpes can still find love! The original blog doesn't exist anymore, but Nerve links to a bunch of posts about the kerfuffle.

29. What to Expect When You're Aborting. The blog of a 23-year-old woman going through an abortion. It's amazing.

13. The Delta Flight Attendant. In 2004 Delta stewardess Ellen Simonetti posted racy pics of herself on a plane. The photos weren't that sexy—a little lacy bra peeking out from her v-neck and a hiked skirt that showed not-very-much black stockinged thigh, but it was too much for Delta, and Emily was canned.

11. Bill Clinton and Breasts. The original title of the blog post was "Bill Clinton lunching with bloggers," but the controversy was about breasts. Seems that one of the female bloggers wore a sweater that—gasp!—showed off her assets, and someone thought it was not a coincidence, i.e. the girl wore a tight shirt to catch the old lech's attention. It sure got someone's attention…

6. Washingtonienne Speaks. Jessica Cutler, the anonymous blogger who wrote about her sex, and sex-for-money with various DC bigwigs, spoke to Wonkette on May 21, 2004. Cutler said "the blog is really about a bunch of nobodies fucking each other," but she became a somebody fast enough, securing a Playboy interview and a $300k book deal.

1. Crack is Whack. O-M-G. Forget about politicos and sex for money and abortion blogs and flight attendants, this is the real buzz. A blogger inadvertently witnessed, and advertently photographed, a couple of dudes in an alley next to his house engaging in cock-sucking, diaper-wearing, anal fingering, anal sex, and crack smoking. NSFW. But hilarious.

Again, the full list is here, and it's definitely worth checking out.  Thanks Nerve!