Wedding Crashers Stunt Not Funny

woman using eyedrops

It turns out eye drops are pretty much poison.

At the Dish, we think that Wedding Crashers was one of the funniest films of the past handful of years. It was zeitgeist-y and had the sweet, sad clown, Owen Wilson, and Double Down, Vince Vaughn, at their non-Swingers/ non-Wes Anderson best. It showed us that Bradley Cooper could be the modern day Billy Zabka and that Rachel McAdams was a really good sport. That being said, we'd like to think that anything related to Crashers is automatically part of love and relationships news.

So, according to Star Pulse, a New York woman, Kristine Anzalone, drew inspiration from the film for a prank-gone-wrong that poisoned her roommate. Remember when the family Cleary plus Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper) plus the crashers sat down for dinner and it was decided that Sack needed a bit of comeuppance? That revenge came in the form of eye drop solution poured into his beverage. The result was a night spent hugging the toilet and dry heaving until he passed out. We figured that the espionage was sabotage was totally made up, principally because Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange never employed the technique in their paean to sophomoric vengeance, Dirty Work. Seriously, how can ANYTHING that goes in your eye be bad for your stomach? We've lived 99% of our lives carefully swallowing things (be careful) lest they wind up in our eyes.

At any rate, Kristine Anzalone's poisoning of her roommate proves that eye drops are indeed viciously toxic. The fluid causes blood vessels to constrict and can do some damage. Anazalone received 3 years of probation for the probation and must pay Joseph Gentissi's (the victim) medical bills. Gentissi felt that the punishment should have been far more severe. We suppose everyone should be happy that no one was shot in the ass at close range with birdshot.

To illustrate our point about the weaknesses of  eyes versus digestive system, please enjoy Kids In The Hall: