Is Jamie-Lynn Becoming Part Of Turtle's Entourage?

Is Jamie-Lynn Becoming Part Of Turtle's Entourage?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara on "Entourage" and off-screen.

On last week's episode of Entourage, Jamie-Lynn Sigler threw a drink in Turtle's face for telling everyone in town about her mile-high hand job.

Earlier this month, In Touch Weekly made mention of the potential chemistry between Jamie-Lynn and Turtle, aka Jerry Ferrara. A source said "one thing led to another, and it got a little more serious than a fling," and the two were reportedly attached at the hip at the HBO Emmy after-party, according to TheInsider.  It seems as if life is indeed imitating HBO this week. While we'd prefer life imitate Entourage over True Blood–on the off-chance that the latter comes with fangs–critics say Jamie-Lynn and Turtle are an awkward looking duo. After all, the chipmunk-werewolf resemblance is uncanny.

In three of this season's Entourage episodes–the first of which aired Sunday–Jamie-Lynn plays herself, adding to the irony of her on-screen romance reappearing in real life. Better yet, the boys on Entourage repetitively referred to Sigler as The Sopranos' Meadow. Anyone sense a Matrix?

Confusing? Yes. But Sigler's tried to settle it. When asked about her relationship with Turtle, The Evil Beet reported, she said: "His name is Jerry." Love it.

According to a source at The New York Daily News Meadow/Jamie-Lynn was overheard gushing about her alleged love interest in the ladies room at last week's Breeder's Cup Classic, where both she and Jerry were present, although the couple didn't pose for pictures together. Like Turtle, we hope Jamie-Lynn's not all-talk. But you never know.

You can watch Jamie giggle when asks her about her guest spot on Entourage and her "Jerry."

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