The Eva Mendes US Cycle

The Eva Mendes US Cycle

The starlet revealed that she has had sex in all 50 states.

Per (everyone) The Daily Telegraph, Eva Mendes has had sex in all 50 states. In baseball, when you hit a single, double, triple, and home run, it is called a cycle. This should be called the 50 state sex cycle. There really isn't any more impressive geographical stunt f*cking (though Russia does have 83 separately administered territorial units, some are fairly tiny and only nominally ruled by Moscow).

Nonetheless, we find the feat pretty impressive. We're not sure how you keep track of something like that but suffice it to say, well done, young lady. Mendes is only 34 and really has only been making movies since 1998 (she maid [sic] her debut as a bridal attendant in the Kattan-tastic Night At The Roxbury) but she claims that some of these sexcapades (groan) were in her younger, road-trippin' days. We don't know anyone who's actually visited all 50 states much less done the dirty in them. We know that Alaska is a non-stop sex riot but can you imagine a less libidinous place than Hawaii? And are there even airports in New Hampshire (honestly, their motto is not "Live Free And Fly")?

And if you're at Four Corners does that count as going all the way in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah? Same goes for the Texarkanas, Kansas City(s), and St. Louis/ East St. Louis. Eva Mendes said that she enjoyed the sex most in Colorado and Arizona, so it could have something to do with dry, fresh air or the general, laid back frontier state self-reliance.

Anyone out there accomplish anything this impressive? All the US territories (Virgin Islands indeed-y) would be pretty cool. Or what about all the Native American reservations? If we were on a mission to tie this record, we'd start with a trip down the mighty Mississip then take a sleeper car train from coast to coast. This would make a pretty awesome blog. Better than the baseball stadium, coming-of-age trip, anyway.