Morning News Feed: Weds, Oct 29

Morning News Feed: Weds, Oct 29

Red is sexy, a thin line between love & hate, and the genetics of sexuality.

Do you want a guy to ask you out for a nice dinner? According to The Frisky, you should wear red. In a study from the University of Rochester it's been shown that dudes are more interested in a Lady In Red. How about that? Eric Clapton knew what he was talking about.

Speaking of outfits, MSNBC thinks you can explore sexual fantasies via your Halloween costume. Dang, what does it say if you dress up as the Joker? (Check out our LoveFeed for ideas of your Halloween costume).

Maybe they were involved in a little role-playing. The wife of a prison warden in Oklahoma lived in east Texas for 10 years with a convict that she's accused of helping escape. The AP reports that this was likely not her first dalliance with a prisoner.

Which may prove the rule that there is a thin line between love and hate. Fox News (easy with the booing) reports that a study done at University College London shows the brain circuitry for both intense emotions are strikingly similar.

Speaking of strikingly similar, The Economist reports that studies show there is a 47% genetic component to sexual preference and a study of gay, non-gay, and half gay twins somehow solidifies this point. The typically conservative magazine runs through a list of theories about how homosexuality could survive natural selection.

According to the Telegraph, a number of British couples are going abroad, specifically to Turkey, to select the gender of their unborn children. Through a combination of IVF and Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), clinics have a good chance of providing at least one child of the preferred gender. This technology might be pretty popular in more, uh, patriarchal parts of the world. Let's tell 'em we haven't invented it yet.

While we're talking about being able to get the gender you prefer, Connecticut is going to start gay marriage next month. If everything goes as planned, on and after November 10th, The Nutmeg State (also The Constitution State, but that’s a stretch) will be cool with gay folks marrying up according to the Miami Herald.

And while we're chatting about 'the liberal northeast,' the New York Times ran a piece this weekend about a man’s decision about which family heirloom ring to propose with. Hey, it's not nearly as pretentious as it sounds and it reads like a novella. Well done, Michael Bahler (except for the ultimatum part, that spells trouble).