Megan Fox & Some Stripper

Megan Fox & Some Stripper
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The Transformers star on bisexual strippers and Disney.

Hey, guess who's really good at getting attention? Yes, Megan Fox. Apparently, she was told at some point by agents or managers or casting directors that all of her tats wouldn't play in Hollywood. And she let us know how unfair that was and we didn't argue. She had a point, Ewan McGregor and Angelina Jolie do have tattoos. Good call. Then there was the Brian Austin Green thing. Everyone just assumed she would move on to more verdant pastures. But she stuck with guy and he got to fight some robots too (Fox's Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles).

And then came the most recent interview with Gentleman's Quarterly (now monthly under the handle GQ). She put the whole system on trial according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and posed in a bikini. She lashed out at Disney for creating coy teen sex symbols in Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens and then letting them twist in the wind when scandalous photos make the public sector (and she posed in a bikini). She said (in general), "It makes me sick." While Disney didn't invent the manufactured pop star coquette and hasn't canned either Cyrus or Hudgens, we appreciate Fox's conviction. (Quick Note: according to IMDb, Megan Fox is her birth name, samies for Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx).

Oh, and evidently she had a brief affair with a Russian stripper who she saw dance to Aerosmith power ballads (and posed in a bikini). Yeah, that was the needle jumping out of the record's track. Evidently, there was just something about old Nikita (her actual stripper name, not a slur against Russians) that got Megan Fox's motor running. She could end up with Brad Pitt if she keeps this up. In case you're curious (heh), she doesn't identify herself as gay. Good call, sexuality apparently is more of a sliding scale these days (for women, anyways).

Jezebel has a feature they call Snap Judgment and in which they once wrote "Megan Fox Is Okay Looking." Good call!