Eva Longoria Still Not Pregnant

Eva Longoria Still Not Pregnant

Apparently, the Desperate Housewives star is 'just fat.'

Thank God that Felicity Huffman has the guts so say what the rest of us wouldn't even dare think; that Eva Longoria is "just fat" according to People. Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman co-star on ABC's Desperate Housewives and it turns out that the story arc for Longoria's character this year involves a little thickness. Longoria went with method acting but will later throw on a fat suit to really play up the extra cushion for the pushin'. 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski (TGS's Jenna Malone) claims that there's no room in Hollywood to be funny unless you're Monique fat or Teri Hatcher skinny. Right before that she said "Me want food," so do with that information what you will.

Because of the weight gain, it's been alleged that Longoria and her husband Tony Parker were expecting a child. She's mentioned a few times in the last year or so that she's anxious for children which has further gasolina-ed this pregnancy rumor fire. Tony Parker has to feel somewhat bait-and-switched in this ordeal. He expected a tiny, trim sexpot and got an actress dedicated to her Kraft (heh) and a woman that's ready to be a mom. The American celebrity love probably looks a lot sweeter from France. Jesus, he should probably send Tony Romo a text message about this stuff.

Apropos of nothing, SNL did a pretty good job of making light of Amy Poehler's pregnancy this weekend by making her part of the 12,000 calorie Michael Phelps diet commercial. Check it: