Carrie Underwood Dating The Bachelor

Carrie Underwood Dating The Bachelor

Carrie Underwood and Travis Stork appear to be an item.

So, Carrie Underwood is off to slay another TV land hunk-osaurus. According to Daily Stab (if we could rename the old Daily Dish one thing…), Carrie Underwood (she's the one on the left, or is she?) is dating former The Bachelor beefcake Travis Stork. The reality show prize couldn't make things work with 2006 winner Sarah Stone and is, evidently, on to greener, more country music star-filled pastures

This will mark the 4th guy that Carrie Underwood has dated who that we see on TV frequently. First off, she dated Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford for a quick second but that old hoopty broke down somewhere on the road to yawnville. After that, she was linked to swimmer Michael Phelps. And she famously dated Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo for a little while back in the day. Looking back, it's ironic that the one guy from TV that she dated who is an actual actor, Chace Crawford, has the fewest viewers per TV show. It really makes you think. About what, we're not sure. But it's probably the inability of scripted television to create enough spectacle to compete with live sports or contrived 'reality' dating scenarios.

Per word on the street, Travis Stork was hand-selected by Dr. Phil to host the new medical-themed talk show The Doctors. He's got that going, which is nice. Best of luck, ya'll. This could be the one (and we mean that for both of you, so love like you're not afraid of getting hurt). We've got a feeling that any breakup here won't be done by text message but more by generic signs of complete disinterest in the other. Like pretending to be interested in each other's show/ music/ whatever but never really giving it a chance. Eventually the once thrilling sex will go bland and every conversation will be like pulling teeth, "No, nothing's wrong. No, I haven't met someone else. Yes, I'd tell you if I did." It's OK, everyone's been there, it doesn't make you less attractive of a person, it just means that this relationship is probably not going to work. And everyone is welcome for us not making a joke containing the phrase 'look what the stork brought us,' or something to that effect.

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