5 Definitive Signs Your Man Is TOTALLY Addicted To Fantasy Sports

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Addicted To Fantasy Sports

It can happen any time — during dinner parties, family vacations, even the late stages of labor. Fantasy sports-obsessed spouses and significant others disappear into the world of online trades and hours-long drafts. Being away from a computer doesn't help, as smartphones and the media feed the fantasy-stricken with a constant stream of sports stats.

As with other diseases, there is a group that offers users a place to share frustrations and swap coping mechanisms.

Women Against Fantasy Sports is the brainchild of two business school grads, both fantasy sports widows themselves. But before fantasy-loving readers get huffy, the site was created with good-natured ribbing in mind.

While some of the topics address the serious relationship cracks that a fantasy-sport obsession could only widen, many times the issues are addressed with humor; the point being that having a man around who also happens to regularly check game scores on his phone is better than not having him there at all.

Take for example this list on how to know when your man's fantasy addiction has gone too far:

  1. He can't remember the kids' names but knows where every player on his fantasy league went to college and their major.
  2. He's in more leagues than years he's been alive.
  3. Birthdays and holidays "interfere" with fantasy football.
  4. While you're in labor, he's holding you with one hand and checking the scores on his cell phone with the other.
  5. He'd rather play fantasy sports than have sex.

Perhaps it's only a matter of time before a similarly common male complaint garners its own site and MASS (MenAgainstShoeShopping) goes live.