Morning News Feed: Tues, Oct 28

Morning News Feed: Tues, Oct 28

Sex addiction on the rise, learning to kiss, saving marriage, and blondes.

According to Jezebel, gentlemen do prefer blonds but choose to marry brunettes. We suppose the gingers are just SOL. The book Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blonds suggests some chemical nonsense goes on and everybody gets laid.

According to Market Watch, dating site has seen a doubling in the last 4 years of women just looking for sex. No word on whether they're blonde, brunette, or carrot-topped.

And it's all starting to make sense, because The Times says that 30% of sex addiction cases in the US are now women. Which means that the actual number is probably way lower since dudes are not into seeking treatment.

And the percentage of women trolling for web sex and addicted to sex may have long-armed consequences. According to The Frisky, BDSM for pay industry is taking on the chin (or perineum, if that's what you’re into). Somehow, prostitutes are kicking ass but ass kickers are getting screwed. It's a mad, mad world we live in.

While everyone's out there having all that "whoa is the economy" sex, it's interesting to point out for the umteenth year in a row the pill is still the number one choice for women's contraceptive needs per The cap-and-trade system and other implanted devices are a little intrusive and not for everyone.

But barrier methods are best at preventing disease. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aussie teens are not too swift when it comes to the transfer of STDs per a survey from Marie Stopes International. Maybe the kids should pump the brakes and start from square 1: kissing.

The good folks over at the Daily Bedpost have provided a handy-dandy 20 (21) things not to do during a kiss. Our favorite suggestion: don’t round first and assume you can head for second.

Speaking of taking things for granted, The Metro reports that a poll of 5,000 married couples says that marrieds start taking each other for granted about 2 and half years into the marriage. Sounds like science, what's a couple to do?

??The Telegraph bumped into a couple that has a solution to the taken for granted, keep the weddings coming. A couple has been married (sans divorce, so what) 6 times including a 4-spot in Vegas. They plan to wed each other annually to keep the love flowing.

They must not have heard from Time that we're in a down economy. Well, we are. And Time thinks it might eff up your marriage. It was a good run, let's not draw this out any longer than it needs to be, have some dignity.