Jennifer Hudson Engaged.


The Dream Girls star's getting married and is Alicia Keys creeping?

No, we're telling YOU... that Jennifer Hudson (star of Dream Girls and stick in the eye of American Idol) is engaged to be married per Channel 4. If you're a fan of the Surreal Life-Strange Love-Flavor Of Love-I Love New York-I Love New York 2 chain of TV evolutions, you'll know her betrothed, David Otunga, as Punk. He made it nearly to the end of I Love New York 2 which means that Hudson is super lucky that he's not engaged to Tiffany Pollard. Whew.

It's a little surprising that Hudson would get it going with David Otunga. Not that he's not good-looking and cool, but it's a major departure from the Hollywood hierarchy which goes: stage star, movie star, network TV star, cable TV star, network reality star, and finally cable reality star*. Since Hudson has an Oscar she can be called a movie star. That's an incredible 5 strata of star power that she's eschewing. Incredible.

Hudson has her self-titled debut album ready to hit shelves this month, it should be fun. She's also in the big screen adaptation of The Secret Life Of Bees. So you'll probably see David Otunga next at the launch party for Jennifer Hudson and the premiere of The Secret Life Of Bees which also stars Queen Latifah and and Alicia Keys.

Speaking of Alicia Keys... According to Bossip, she's catching heat about hip hop producer Swizz Beatz getting a divorce from his wife of 5 years, Mashonda. Evidently, Mashonda thinks that Swizz Beatz's friendship/ workship with Keys is out-of-bounds and she does not appreciate it one bit. Mashonda has retained a hardass of a matrimonial lawyer named Bernard Clair. This could get ugly. DMX once rapped on some mixed CD that he thinks Alicia Keys could whoop Ashanti (during the infamous Murder Inc - Rough Ryders feud). But we think Mashonda is a whole different class of tough, so let's hope that fisticuffs are never needed. What's the protocol for dating someone else when you're separated from a spouse? It probably changes when you sort-of still live with them, right?

*Note: We're not 100% where musicians fall in the list but we're guessing right at 'movie star' level since all actors seem to want to be rock stars.