Mr. And Mr. Sulu

Mr. And Mr. Sulu

Star Trek star, George Takei, married his guy, Brad Altman, over the weekend.

According to the Huffington Post, George Takei and long-time boyf Brad Altman were married over the weekend. The pair has been together for a couple of decades, Takei is 71 and Altman is 54. The pair is another is a line of celebrity couples taking advantage of the state of California's gay marriage law. We're guessing that the 2 probably didn't want to get married in Massachusetts because it's pretty far away from Hollywood and it's not technically a state (it's a commonwealth).

George Takei is most famous for playing the baritone-d Mr. Sulu on the sci-fi classic Star Trek. Though we prefer Star Wars (but never Stargate) to the the voyage of the Starship Enterprise, it was a groundbreaking show. The program was epic and featured an incredibly multi-ethnic cast including an African American woman (Nichelle Nichols), a Scottish dude (James Doohan), a Canadian though he played an American (William Shatner), a Russian fella (Walter Koenig), a Japanese guy (Takei), and a Vulcan (Leonard Nimoy). In fact, the most outrageous stereotype was that the Scottish character's name was Scotty. And this was the 1960s, according to Mad Men, Hollywood/ Madison Avenue were pretty racist back then. Takei also had/has an important role in the multiethnic modern sci-fi classic, Heroes. Groundbreaker.

Evidently, William Shatner and Takei have been feuding for some time as Shatner was a bit of a tyrant on the set of the television program (1967-69) and the spin-off films (at least 7). There's been talk of a reconciliation between Takei and Shatner, which may take place but Shatner did not live up to his previous threat to crash the Takei-Altman nuptials as he was in New York doing a cameo on Saturday Night Live. Good times. And because everyone thinks it's the greatest thing ever, here's Tina Fey in the role she was born to play: